Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Adieu, The Victorious "Lalitha"

Having chosen to revisit an old interview rather than watching her being laid to rest, I was once again mesmerized by the confidence she exuded, and the command over language that Madame J had.  A symbol of women empowerment, straightforward, strong, and bold, this gutsy lady will definitely have her name etched in the book of the history of Indian politics. 

Always surrounded by controversies, hated and targeted, this woman managed to rule, and how!!  Wouldn't it be just right to focus on the positive aspects of a personality rather than pinpoint the negatives, especially when the positives have actually succeeded in bringing some sunshine into the dark dungeons of the society?

The late Chief Minister worked her way into the hearts of her subjects with projects ranging from the Cradle Baby scheme for protection of female infants to master health checks.  From making food affordable to the economically weaker sections at the government funded canteens to providing seeds to farmers and encouraging farming in urban environment, she became a Brand.  From rain water harvesting to sea water desalination, offering many freebies or subsidies to the poor and needy, tackling the fallout of LTTE, introducing India's first women police battalion, she proved she was one of India's most powerful administrators, and in the process, became the messiah of the masses.

Just watching her speak showed how strong the lady was in her mind, how clear she was in her thoughts, how dignified and composed she was in her person, and how high she held herself despite being in the mud-slinging profession of politics.

Why I opted not to watch the live funeral ceremony was because of all the hypocrisy that comes along with it.  People who would have wished for her life to end (or at least her political career for that matter) could now be seen shedding false tears and speaking volumes of rehearsed lines as the all-decked-up hearse carrying the remains of the woman leader made its way to its final destination.

There probably are millions out there watching her interviews, reading, and learning so much more about the lady than they ever knew while she was still alive; thus joyfully appreciating such a dynamic politico and at the same moment being engulfed in an unknown cloud of sorrow on realizing that the soul has departed.  And suddenly all the wailing and crying happening back there in the Southern state of India makes so much sense.

All of this just brings me to one point.  Why is it that at any given time, any "opposition" (just not political but at individualistic personal levels too) always has to oppose the "ruling?"  Irrespective of the correctness of the decisions taken, there is always an opposition to it just because it is someone else's decision; whereas, all that should matter is how the decision will do good, benefit largely, and bring about a bigger better change in scenario.

As long as there is a thirst to just rule, to just have the power, and not to serve, many humble souls trying to build brighter prospects for their fellowmen whilst building their own empire shall continue to be maligned.

But then, those souls shall strive towards achieving their goals till the end and then be missed, mourned, and always remembered by the humongous wave of humanity, primarily composing of the common man - who benefited out of the leader's life. 

Just like today.  Just the way the Makkal of Tamil Nadu are mourning the loss of their beloved Amma.

I Salute Thee.  RIP, Ms. J. Jayalalitha.


  1. Vidya brilliant take on the loss of this legend. She has proved to the world that the hand that rocks the cradle can also rule the world of politics.
    I especially loved the end where you pointed out why leaders such as her and others will be remembered no matter what the oppositions says or does.
    Amma in a nutshell...she will be missed.

  2. Really good work vidya..very different take on the life of a strong woman.. keep blogging are good at it

  3. Wow... thats a good piece of literature... loads of positivity.. good on you Vidya..

  4. Wow Vidya thats a good piece of literature... good on you.. loads of positivity...