Thursday, 17 March 2016

Guardians of the Night


Do you find yourself lost in a web of thoughts, spinning words at the least expected hour??  Happens, ain't it?  

Always the case with me...and more so when I am on the potty seat...Ohhh, why that frown now?  As if you never use one!!!  And come's a universal fact yaaaa...only you don't wanna accept that you get most of your brilliant ideas in the toilet too ..Duh!! :P  

This random thought though knocked at a random but decent hour as I lay wide awake in the middle of a moonless night, staring out of my window and listening to nothing but sweet silence. 

Read on and let me know if you find my random thoughts good, very good, or superlatively awesome ;) :P :P 

         Sky so dark, streets so misty...
         There ain't any stars scattered itsy bitsy..

         Silence and darkness together compete...
        As they wait for the Sun to greet..

      He shall rise and bring some shine..
     While they rest until it's time to dine...

        Back they come, hand in hand...
         Guarding the night, together they stand.

P.S.   Well, this is called Leisure Writing ;)  :D  

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