Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The Whistle Blower's Song

                                                       Faces a galore, all masked...
"Who's a friend of you all," I asked.
"Me," "me," "me too", said they all.. Little realizing, the masks shall soon fall.
Lose didn't they any, but broken was I.. For they let me down from sky high.
Smile & praise for you is brought on... Bitch & abuse is what happens when you are gone.
I wonder how can you pretend... To someone you call a friend.
Lost trust and faith in this bond... I gotta feeling that I have been conned.
Whom do I trust, what shall I say... They had fun, while I had a price to pay.
Hurt I am, but none is bothered... As I stand alone, & they are all gathered.

Opine they do that I shall budge and fall...
But Truth I shall speak, and in Death, stand tall.

Hope you like this attempt of mine.

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