Monday, 7 March 2016

An Un-warned Bumpy Curve...Life's Lessons...Our Learnings..


Hmm...been quite a while since my last post, isn't it...

What kept me away were hubby's two more hospitalizations.  Just when we thought all was fine, he was diagnosed of Urosepsis and is under treatment for it now.  

During all these months, every since the beginning in October 2013, there have been moments where I've felt miserably disturbed, wanting to give up, wanting to run away, wanting to get into a sleep-induced coma and waking up only when things returned to normalcy.  But then, none of these were practical possibilities.  Or were they?  And when I would see my man facing the ordeal, my pains would seem so very trivial !!! 

Had heard that Life teaches its lessons at different stages throughout this journey that we have embarked on.  But can you imagine how cruel it could be to suddenly throw such a situation at a man who was married for less than a year, who had flown overseas, away from family with a set of goals and dreams that would enable him to have a smooth and comfortable life, both for himself and his parents.

Just when he thought he was at his personal and professional best, enjoying being the Quality Lead, handling 5 countries, he found himself trying hard to accept what his blood reports were screaming out.  I remember him telling the doctor, "Am feeling absolutely fine, doctor.  There shouldn't be any problem.  I don't understand why you say I am unwell."  He just wasn't able to digest what was happening to him.  Unfortunately, the 15-20 year period that the doctors said his kidneys would continue to be functioning fine, i.e., without needing any intervention, was cut short to a year and a half, and we were left staring dreadfully at dialysis as the only option before we could go in for an organ transplant.

That was April of 2015.  Cut to March 2016, it's been 5 months of hemodialysis, 3-1/2 months status post renal transplant, and 3 months status post re-implantation of the ureter due to the urine leak complication, and we are still battling it out, with a hope to be able to lead a normal life some day.

Yes, A Normal Life seems like a LUXURY today.  Something that we had taken for granted.   Something that we never realized was special.  This phase of life has taught us many a thing.  

Family is not just your daily soap opera, high on emotional quotient.  They form a solid foundation that stays rock steady even in times of worst storms, cocooning you, ensuring you are safe and sound.  They become your backbone when you go spineless.

Friends are life-supporting systems that help you stay "light" and float on the surfaces of the otherwise deep dark sea.

Time is Money.  This statement is so much more true than I had ever imagined or understood it to be.

Money is Everything.  Just visit a private hospital for a routine health check without insurance coverage, and you will know what I mean.

A calm mind is the best companion.  Getting tensed and worked up will only make things messier and murkier. 

We are not the sole-sufferers in the Universe.  Often, we find ourselves in a self-pitying mode over the silliest of things, blaming anyone and everyone for situations we are in.  Co-patients and families at the hospital showed how much more horrifying life can be, and how bravely and silently is everyone fighting a battle of their own.

And last but not the least, Life is powerful enough to be a fairy who can make your dreams come true with her wand in a jiffy, and at the same time be a wicked witch who can vanish things into thin air in a blink of an eye.  It's a mysterious voyage with loads of uncertainty and unpredictability, along with it's blind curves, invisible speed breakers, and camouflaged potholes.  All we need to remember is Come what may, we just have to chin-up, smile, and keep walking, no matter how many times we stumble or fall.  As they say, if Life gives you lemons, make a lemonade...or better, grab a tequila and some salt !!!! Haha...

There's something that I missed out on....Prayers...Prayer implies faith and positivity, both of which bring in the much required mental strength, and having had so much of it coming from family and friends has been of great help.  So here's a biiiiiig thanks to all you wonderful people.  Please do keep the positive energy coming, as we hope with a prayer....

                                     TriDalam Trigunaakaaram, TriNetram cha TriAyudham
                            TriJanma Paapa Samhaaram, Eka Bilvam ShivaArpanam.   


                                                        Happy Shivarathri, Everyone!!

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