Saturday, 23 January 2016

Bestie Beasts...

Goodbyes have been quite a frequent affair with me - courtesy Dad's job with a nationalized bank. We traveled across the country, relocating every 3 to 4 years, and thus, memories of friends and friendships were literally sweet & smiley pockets of love that I have carried in my heart, all my life.

Though I had done it many a times, bidding adieu that is, it was equally heart wrenching each time.  So much so that I had begun to dread making friends!!!  But then, Friends are not made, They Happen.  Just when I thought I was now brave enough to handle the Sayonaras, my husband wrapped his UK deputation assignment, and I remember weeping uncontrollably as the plane took off (yesssssss... I am a big-time emotional idiot!!!) as memories of numerous wonderful moments spent with buddies and extended families came gushing back; wondering if I shall ever get to meet them ever again or will Life get the better of us.

Thanks to technology today, we get to constantly stay in touch with all our loved ones, no matter which nook and corner of the globe they reside in.  Having said that, no Facebook or FaceTime or Skype or WhatsApp can substitute the warm hugs and smiles and all the emotions and energy that a lively, casual, face-to-face, backslapping chat brings along.

It was one such wonderful moment yesterday as my "Dearie," one of my "Bestest Bestie Beasts" (Babes, you know you are one of them too....yea, I miss you too!!!!  lest you kick me ;) :P) from Bristol, dropped by to "top-up" the warmth and love of our relationship.  Na, not that friendship needs a "top-up," but it definitely feels super awesome to meet a friend so close, especially when you are so unsure as to when your paths will cross again.  Ah...I just can't stop smiling.  It's as though those two hours added loads and loads of happiness to my being.  As she alighted from the auto rickshaw, the heart rates paced up, we hugged and cried silly!!!  It took a good few minutes before the feeling of actually having met could sink in :) .  Well, the feeling is indescribable.  It did make me update my WhatsApp status (oh come on now...stop rolling your eyes :P :P) as Souls Smile When Besties Meet.  It felt just that. 

As I write, I find myself traveling back in time, fondly recollecting moments with two of my Besties, who belonged to my country, who lived in the same city as me for a part of their lives, whom I met in a foreign land (Destiny and it's ways..), and smiling sheepishly to myself.

Nitya...The name sounds so alien to me as I never use it to address her.  Neither does she call me by mine.  We both are each other's "Dearies".  Period.  We literally have been the "Laurel & Hardy" of every way...Haha, I am serious!!!  So very together all the time that our friend's kids would play games pretending to be Nitya & Vidya!!  And just like the classic comedy legends, we have had our share of  "Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into!!" and in the process, provided ample entertainment to the rest of our friends :D 

                                                       Cheers To Life .... Cheers to the Three Musketeers!!!

The other partner in crime (ahh...silly me !!!  I typed "crime in partner" instead :P :D) was my "Babes."  Here too, we are just "Babes" for each other.   True to her name, Alag (Beauty in Tamil) is a gorgeous young lady, full of humor and zest for life, and applauded by each of her guests for being the best hostess in town.   Her energy & dressing sense was such that it inspired all the young mommies around and (shd I confess??!!), too of course!!!  We were together just for about 6 months, but the bond shaped up so beautifully & strongly, it's there for everyone to see. Sadly, she had to ditch Nitya and Me and leave for India as her spouse winded off his overseas assignment.  She currently resides in the Aussie Land (when she was in India, I was abroad, & she flew away by the time I landed here :-| but then that's life), and yes, she has begun her blogging journey too; you can read her @

We - The Three Musketeers, as we call ourselves (hehe), share innumerable hilarious episodes, RoFLing away on the streets of Bristol (ah, to hell with the lady-like does it matter when the heart still feels like a girl).  From tasting wine to making biryanis, from gossiping to grocery shopping, from laughing at each other over silly stuff to having each other's backs, we have been there, done things - together.

Having met one just yesterday, still feeling the warmth of the hug and a happy-sad smile pasted on my face, (mmm... she will be on her flight back in less than an hour from now!!), and yearning to meet the other, I know for a fact that I shall treasure this relationship with my sisters from other mothers until the end of time.  

With a hope to catch up with them again, re-live old and make new memories, I sign off for now as I wait for the Sun to rise when I shall meet two more of my Besties....ah ha!!...Beasties ;) :D

Ciao & Have a Lovely Lovely Weekend!!!


Dearie:  Hope you have a safe flight ... and you better miss me !!!  *wicked grin*
Babes:  I know you are missing me too...You gotta treat me for marketing your blog (I know you'll only snap back: Babes, who's even reading your blog??") ... Lolz ... 
To all my other Besties:  Miss you all & love you all too!!!!   These two bribed me into writing about them.  What are you buying me??  ;) :D  (hope you don't realise...why will they have to bribe me into writing about them when no one reads my blog!!!  O_o  ... RoFL ).
Loadsa Love, Everyone!!!


  1. Love you babes ... Miss you both loads. I am left teary eyed after reading this. Do you remember our pyjama party plan? And babes, c'mon ..who is even reading my blog :P .. You are a natural sweetie.. Keep writing :-)

    1. Thanks, Babes!!! The planz still on, yaar...we'll definitely execute it some day :) ... & we'll read each other's blogs until we have others reading us ;) Lol... muaaaaaah

  2. Hey dearie u r always making me to feel like crying.... End of blog I'm not able to read anything my eyes filled with tears.... Love u both... And athu also ;) all the best to both of u let me marketing ur blogging
    I'm so blessed to get a valuable ppl in my life