Monday, 11 January 2016

An All New Beginning...

Woah !!!

Haha.  Does that sound a familiar start-off pattern from me?  

This time around, that's exactly what I felt as I finally found time to peep into my own blog.  Few incomplete write-ups and a few that I just didn't want to showcase on my blog any longer, ended up retaining just the very first post of mine.

It feels like time has taken a huge leap before I could feel any close to being "Normal."

The last time I remember chirpily sitting up, sharing my thoughts was as a happy-go-lucky, newly-wedded bride, sitting by my window side, enjoying the starry snowflake shower in some corner of the United Kingdom; and that was almost over 2 years ago.  Did you just go "What!!??!"  Well, Yes!!!  That's true, and that's exactly what I felt like it's been - Ages!!!

Having just completed 3 years of wedded life and with the husband recovering after a renal transplant, I must confess, what a ride it has been!!  Well whatever it was, it changed my way of looking at life, strengthened the bond with my partner, multiplied the love and respect for my family by leaps and bounds, and taught me that when there is no option but to be strong, then the meekest of the homo sapiens can turn out to be tougher than a rock.

Today as I sit by and rumble out my thoughts, it gives me a sense of being myself.  Someone who was lost all this while, someone whom am glad to have found again.

What got me back to my blog today was the realization of life being so uncertain.  Uncertainty of time.  Uncertainty of whereabouts.  Uncertainty of mind.  There probably is so little time to do so much of whatevers and wherevers and whenevers.   So here's to a new beginning with getting back to Living, getting back to doing what I love to, and most importantly, getting back to Being Myself :)

Life is a journey of ups and downs,
Filled with uncertainties, smiles, and frowns.

Had enjoyed many a Roller-Coaster rides,
But this one was difficult to take into stride.

Now that it does seem to have come to an end,
I do want some time with self to spend.

To relax, to unwind, to sing, and to breathe,
In a cosy, comfortable, enjoyable sheath.

With a hope to find loads of reasons to cheer,
The heart beckons to start afresh in an all new gear.


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